August 26, 2013

Scott T Transformer, 500 KV, P/N 6267L for high voltage application and an oil filled enclosure

Product Overview

Scott T Transformers require a three phase power input and provide two equal single phase outputs called MAIN and TEASER. The MAIN and TEASER outputs are 90 degrees out of phase. The MAIN and the TEASER outputs must not be connected in parallel or in series as it creates a vector current imbalance on the primary side. 

The primary and secondary of the Scott T Transformer are reversible. When a three phase input is applied at H1, H2 and H3, MAIN and TEASER outputs are generated (MAIN and TEASER are single phase and 90 degrees out of phase). 

When MAIN and TEASER are inputs to a Scott T transformer, a three phase output is generated. 

MAIN and TEASER outputs are on separate cores. An external jumper is also required to connect the primary side of the MAIN and TEASER sections. 

L/C Magnetics is a Scott T High Voltage Transformer manufacturer. We can build Liquid Filled Scott T Transformers with a power rating up to 500 KVA. All units are custom designed and built to customer specifications.

The photo of the Oil Type Scott T Transformer is shown below. The estimated dimensions of the enclosure are 6 feet H x 6 feet W x 6 feet D.

Oil Filled Scott T High Voltage Transformer, 500 KV, P/N 6267L

The schematic diagram of the 500 KVA Scott T Oil Immersed Transformer is shown below:

Scott T Transformer Oil Type, 500 KVA


  • Scott T Transformer, 500 KVA, 3 PH, 60 Hz, P/N 6267L
  • MAIN Input: 2300 VAC, 1 PH, 97 Amps
  • TEASER Input : 2300 VAC, 1 PH, 97 Amps
  • MAIN and TEASER are 90 degrees out of phase
  • Output: 12470 VAC L-L, 3 PH, 60 Hz, 21 Amps
  • Oil filled enclosure: 6 feet H x 6 feet W x 6 feet D

The input output terminal connections of the oil filled power transformer are shown below. Terminals X1, X2 are MAIN input. Terminals X3, X4 are TEASER input. Terminals H1, H2, H3 are the three phase output.

Customer application is shown below. Hydro electric power is generated from a Scott T generator. The intent is to transform the Scott T power to standard three phase power so that excess power can be returned back to the utility grid. 

Customer Application

L/C Magnetics is a Scott T Oil Filled Transformer supplier. To discuss your specific application, please call us toll free at (800) 595-7096, or send us an email at

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