October 3, 2013

Buck Transformer, 10 KVA, P/N 18606N, Input 480 VAC, Output 450 VAC

Product Overview

The photo of the single phase 10 KVA buck transformer, 
part number 18606N is shown below. This is ideal for 480 to 450 step down applications. The transformer is enclosed inside an indoor enclosure. Louver is added to the enclosure for free air flow. Auto transformers are much cheaper than isolation transformers. A comparable isolation transformer will be 16 times bigger in size with higher cost.

480/450 Buck Transformer


  • Buck Transformer: 10 KVA, 1 PH, 60 Hz, P/N 18606N
  • Input: 480 VAC, 21 Amps
  • Output: 450 VAC, 23 Amps
  • Input/output bus bar: ¼” x 1″ with one hole
  • Indoor enclosure with louver: 17″x 9.5″ x 9.5″
  • Comparable Isolation transformer will be 16 times bigger in size.

L/C Magnetics is an Auto Transformer manufacturer. To discuss your specific application, please call us toll free at (800) 595-7096, or send us an email at info@lcmagnetics.com.

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