October 23, 2013

Centre tapped Transformer, 12 KVA, P/N 17790, Input 380/400/415 VAC, Output -120/0/120 VAC

Product Overview

The photo of a single phase centre tapped transformer, 12 KVA, part number 17790 is shown below. The secondary output is +/- 120 VAC with a centre tap.

Centre Tapped Transformer


  • Centre Tapped Transformer: 12 KVA, 1 PH, 50 Hz, P/N 17790
  • Primary: 380/400/415 VAC, 31.5 Amps max
  • Secondary: -120/0/120 VAC, 50 Amps max
  • Open core and coil: 9″ H x 9″ W x 12″ D

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