November 20, 2013

Transformer Acquisition

The principals at L/C Magnetics are seeking the acquisition of companies and product lines that meet the criterion outlined below:

  1. Manufacturer of custom  inductive components or devices.
  2. Market segments that are new to L/C Magnetics or a solid enhancement to our existing markets.
  3. New products or diversification of L/C Magnetics, within the current market we serve for.
  4. Sales of 1/2 million to 3 million range.
  5. Experienced management has to be available to transition with new owners.
  6. Mergers and acquisitions will be considered on the assumption that L/C Magnetics is the surviving enterprise or major share holder. 
  7. The company long range objective is to enhance its existing business through the acquisitions of companies with product related to current technologies, markets and distribution methods that are currently operating in Canada, Mexico, USA, and Middle East including UAE.

Previous transformer acquisition companies are:

  1. Burton Equipment Company, Cerritos, CA (1991)
  2. Carl E. Holmes Company, Pasadena, CA (2002)

All our products are manufactured at our facility in Anaheim, California, USA. Please contact us at (800) 595 7096 or (714) 666 0787. Our email is Brokers are welcome. 

L/C Magnetics Product Line

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