August 29, 2013

Custom Oil Cooled Transformer, 500 KVA, P/N 6281L

Product Overview:

L/C Magnetics can provide custom oil filled transformers for many applications. We can build single phase, three phase and Scott T oil type transformers from 5 KVA to 2000 KVA. The photo of an oil immersed transformer are shown below.

High Voltage Transformer, 500 KVA, P/N 6281L


  • Custom Oil Filled Power Transformer: 500 KVA, 3 PH, 60 Hz, P/N 6281L
  • Primary: 13,200 VAC - 23,000 VAC - 34,500 VAC (Delta) 
  • Secondary: 220/127 VAC, Wye 
  • Dimensions: 6 feet H x 8 feet W x 6 feet D
  • Applied standards: NMX-J-116-ANCE / C.F.E.Standard / ANSI C57.12

The Accessories of the HV Transformer are shown below:

  • No. load External Tap Changer 5 position 
  • 2 positions below and 2 positions above nominal +-10%
  • Drain and sample valve
  • Oil level indicator
  • Temperature indicator
  • Automatic ½. press rise valve

L/C Magnetics is a Custom Oil Filled Transformer supplier. To discuss your specific application, please call us toll free at (800) 595-7096, or send us an email at

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