September 9, 2013

400 Amps / 66 uH Current Limiting Reactor, P/N 6265CLR, Fault Current: 21000 Amps, inside an indoor enclosure

Product Overview

Current Limiting Reactors are used for line reactors, inrush current limiting, and surge current limiter applications. Current Limiting Reactors (CLR) develops a higher voltage drop across the CLRs when the current through the CLRs increases. Current limit reactors are gapped inductors intended to reduce the short circuit currents passing through the circuit breaker in the power system.

The photo of an open core and coil dry type inrush current limiter, part number 6265L is shown below. Three gapped inductors, P/N 6265L are required for one CLR application.

Fault Current Limiter, L (1, 2) = 66 uH +/- 25%, 400 Amps, P/N 6265L


  • Current-Limiting Reactor, Dry type, P/N 6265CLR
  • Inductance: 66 ┬ÁH ± 15%, 400 amps continuous 
  • 10 VAC drop is estimated across the CLR at 400 amps continuous current. 
  • Fault current: 21000 Amps 
  • Copper bus bar: 2” x 1/4” with one hole 
  • Temperature rise: 23°C 
  • Three inductors will be housed inside an indoor enclosure, 25”H x 36”W x 26”D 
  • Three each of P/N 6265L are required for one system. 
  • P/N 6265CLR is one enclosure with three P/N 6265L
  • Estimated weight: 750 lbs

Three 66 uH, 400 Amps fault limiting reactors will be housed inside an indoor enclosure as shown below:

Three P/N 6265L inside one enclosure (P/N 6265CLR)

The voltage drop across the current limiting inductor at different current level is shown in the table A below:

Table A

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