October 7, 2013

General Purpose Transformer Enclosure, P/N CP119G1, useful for other power system applications, fabricated with five sheet metal panels, powder coated machine gray

Product Overview

L/C Magnetics offers a variety of floor mount enclosures for indoor and outdoor applications. An example of an indoor enclosure, 50"H x 65"W x 36"D is shown below. The enclosure consists of five panels which are the top cover, two side panels and front / rear panels. The enclosure is powder coated with machine gray paint. 

Indoor Enclosure, 50"H x 65"W x 36"D, P/N CP119G1

A platform can be added per customer requirement. Screen can be added to the platform if needed. The photo of the platform is shown below. The platform is movable with a pallet jack or a fork lift. 

The final product can be shipped on a pallet with 1/4" thick card board protection. We stock these enclosures in house for immediate shipment. The enclosure will be shipped on a pallet as shown below:

Other popular sizes are listed below:

    • P/N CP119G1: 50"H x 65"W x 36"D
    • P/N CP119G:   50"H x 46"W x 36"D
    • P/N CP119:      50"H x 36"W x 26"D
    • P/N CP117:      42"H x 32"W x 22"D
    • P/N CP112:      36"H x 28"W x 18"D
    • P/N CP106:      24"H x 18"W x 16"D

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